Who’s your Nkem?

I am sure, that from the title of today’s post, some of us are wondering what this has to do with your business, talk less of customer satisfaction; but don’t be in a hurry to leave the page – Let me unveil to you who your Nkem is! Like a bride being unveiled in front of her groom on the altar, I want to unveil to you, your Nkem, on the altar of business growth and customer satisfaction, where your business and your Nkem would leave as 1 and not as separate beings, as it were.

So, I came across Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest’s “Who’s your Gladys?”; and this got me inspired – I mean, talk about being in a relationship with your customers, now you go ahead and give them a name! Awesome!

Your Gladys, according to them, is that customer from hell we talked about in our Your customer is your business post; remember them? That customer that brings them to your business their bad day and almost seems like they’re determined to make yours worst. Yep, they named this customer from hell Gladys. Such a pretty name and contrary name right for them?! Anyways, they have a whole movement, from books to blog posts to conferences, on your Gladys and how to turn your Gladys into your most loyal customer.

What intrigued / inspired me the most, as mentioned earlier, is the fact that you can name your customers – you see, when you give something or someone a name, it becomes personal to you. You don’t give birth to a baby and call that baby “baby” all through its babyhood phase, and then “teenager”when they get to their teenage phase, no, you give it a name so they can respond to that name in time and the name just adds more value to them because names bring life to “things”. This is why they name hurricanes, storms, pets, whatever, name it, names add value to things. Since we’re all about adding value to our customers and appreciating them for who and what they are to our businesses, I thought it inspiring to name your customers. 

So, I began to think within myself of how I could make this Nigerian but not about your customers from hell –you can still call them Gladys, rather about your “perfect” customer. Here, my search began for the perfect name to call my perfect customer. Factors for my search entailed (i) tribe (ii) meaning and (iii) feeling (Yes, this was serious business!). 

The tribe search, not to bore you with the whole process, began and ended with the Igbo tribe (Ndi Igbo!!!) for one reason only: almost every love song sounds better when sung in the Igbo dialect. Factor two – Meaning of the name: the name could mean “this is MY customer” and “this customer was made for ME”. The final factor –Feeling: I needed a name that when called, gives you a great, warm feeling, reminding you of your intimate relationship with your customer. 

When you put these three factors together, I was looking for a name from a history of love and sacrifice for love, a name that means “this is MY customer” and finally, a name when called reminds you of your special and intimate relationship with your customer. 

What name would match these factors?

What name would be deserved of my customer? Not just “any” customer, “MY” perfect customer.

My perfect customer that would never say these words “I’m not that loyal bro” when I make a business change.

My perfect customer that would defend both my products / services and my business.

My perfect customer that would wait for a response from my business before coming to a conclusion with the rest of the world when my business makes a mistake or business blunder.

My perfect customer that would take out 1 minute from their precious time to fill out business surveys and questionnaires.

My perfect customer that would rather make a complaint and / or a suggestion to make the business serve them better than not say a word about the issue and leave. 

My perfect customer that is, on their own, a walking promo / advert for my business.

I was looking for a name from a history of love and sacrifice for love, a name that means “this is MY customer” and finally, a name when called reminds you of your special and intimate relationship with your customer.

My perfect customer, is Nkem!
Your perfect customer, is Nkem!

The name Nkem means “MY OWN”, the full name, Nkemdirim means “MY OWN WILL STAY WITH ME” or “MY OWN WILL REMAIN WITH ME”

Isn’t that awesome!? My customer will stay with me! Regardless of my business change! Regardless of my business blunder (as long as I react quickly and wisely)! Regardless of my customer and business feedback questions (not a good idea to overwhelm your customers with this btw)! Regardless of all these, Nkem will stay with me, Nkem will remain with me.

I don’t know about you but my business needs me my Nkem!

All we do here at Ya’ats Advisory Services is to get you your Nkem. Your Nkem will come when you satisfy her! She will stay when you satisfy her! 

Read our previous posts for good ways to get and keep your Nkem and subscribe to our blog for more ways to do so!

We are Ya’ats Advisory Services and we’re here to bring customer satisfaction your way!

You can contact us via the page.


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