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5 simple ways to be known by your Nkem

Today, we have a guest author and she’s going to talk to us about 5 simple ways to be known by your Nkem. If you aren’t familiar with who your Nkem is, read it here. She’ll share with us 5 simple marketing strategies startups and SMEs can do to gain their Nkem.

For startups and SMEs the internet has already made it easier for you to get across to your target market but still here are five easy ways or mediums of which you could market or advertise your business:

Web 2.0

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I believe this is the most commonly used medium for advertising in this generation -the web 2.0 generation. Seeing as your business could reach the ends of the earth through your little device. As a startup or an SME, you could start up a website or blog that showcases your goods or services; you could also advertise on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Businesses find this approach very effective and affordable (affordable in the sense that it’s almost free to do so).

Word of mouth Adazi Nnuku town crier statue

This has to be the oldest method of advertising – you remember the town criers your parents always told you about? Now you know it is the oldest form of advertising your brand / product. Word of mouth could also be known as referrals, when a client or customer refers a potential client or customer to you. This method is a very effective method and is easily achieved when your quality is at least up to standard; and your products / services speaks for themselves.


You can market or advertise your business by sharing fliers with information about your business and also your contact information, at different locations your target market can be found. There are also effective ways of putting information on a flier or poster. These are the two main prerequisites for an effective flier: good design and good content. Fliers can also be electronically distributed; and if you think fliers are old school, research shows that as many as 79% of recipients either keep, glance over the content or pass on fliers to a friend as opposed to 62% and  81% of people that don’t take notice of adverts on TV and press and magazine adverts respectively

Billboards / Signposts

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Billboards work! Have you ever been to Port-Harcourt city in Nigeria? The next time you go there and you’re asking yourself a question about where to worship? You won’t have to search for long, the billboards will direct you to Salvation Ministries. In the case of a start up business or an SME you may not be able to afford this luxury of having up at least five billboards in your city but you can invest in and put up an attractive sign post in front of your office space, if you have one. There’s something attractive about an attractive billboard / signpost;  it feeds the eyes with quality, first, before your need!

Promotions and Discounts  promotion-discounts-image

Market and advertise your business with discounts and promotions by employing the strategy of “buy three get one free” or “twenty percent off certain products” at certain periods such as Christmas and new year seasons. This will defiantly sky-rocket your sales because for some reason people love free stuff. This could also gain you more customers even when the promotion or discount ends they remain because they’ve come to know your product and have come to love it.

We live in a time where it is almost too easy to market or advertise our business. Just do your work and do it well and watch your service or product sell itself! One good recommendation from one customer could open a door to ten customers! Never forget the customer is always right.

A mentioned already, they are simple ways to get your Nkem. Especially via the web 2.0 medium; it would almost cost you nothing! So start marketing your brand / products! Your Nkem is waiting out there to discover you!

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