Identifying Your Customer Service Touchpoints

We mentioned customer service touchpoints when we discussed about the Disastrous 9. Customer service touchpoints are any medium where your business interacts with your customers. These touchpoints could either be virtual or in-person. Customer service touchpoints are very important because these are the critical points where key decisions are taken by your customers either to remain or to abandon ship. The thin line between a visitor and your Nkem is in your customer service touchpoints.

So how can I identify my customer service touchpoints and how can I get the best out of it?

We’ll discuss two major categories of your customer service touchpoint and how you can optimize them.

Visitor Meeting Point

This customer service touchpoint happens to be for those who are not yet customers – probably just visiting your business for the first time either in-person or through a phone call or by visiting your website. This is the first and most important customer service touchpoint because the saying “first impressions matter” is true! You might get a second chance, but why put your money on second chances when you can get it right the first time!

Your websites should be up-to-standard! Your websites should speak of your business! I pay a lot of attention to details and I find it very intriguing when I go to a Nigerian company’s website and a see the website filled with pictures of Caucasian people and I’m like your organization – claims to be Nigerian and you fill your websites with Caucasians; that immediately puts me off. For startups that want to or already have a website filled with Caucasian pictures – that’s a no, no. Don’t misunderstand me please, your website should speak of your business, it’s the first customer service touchpoint and if I see a lot of Caucasian people on your website, when I visit your business in-person, I intend to see these Caucasian employees; but maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, the Visitor Meeting Point should speak of your quality, your standards and most importantly should be realistic. Don’t go over-hyping your business and when it’s time to prove yourself, you fall flat on your face.

So how do I optimize this first customer service touchpoint?

  1. Be realistic: Do not over-hype your business – do not try to be ‘smart’ in the hope of “make them just come first”.
  2. Show what you’re all about: If you are in the hospitably business, this first touchpoint should be able to tell the customer that. This is why in the good hotels, the moment you get out of your car, you get a bellman who helps you with parking your car, carrying your luggage and so on – because they have identified this first touchpoint. What is your business all about? Show it at this first touchpoint.
  3. Recognize the visitors as customers: I talked about this in our Customer Retention post; until you recognize your customers as customers, they will remain visitors. You must recognize every visitor as a customer. One your website, put a “You are welcome, we’re glad to have you with us” text; in-person, treat them like they are already your Nkem. Let’s say you go to a restaurant for the first time, and at the door or at the first contact with the restaurant, a staff, well dressed, with a smile on their face, welcomes you into the restaurant and wishes you a great time while you’re there – these little thing will keep you going back there consciously or unconsciously.

Customer Meeting Point

This touchpoint is where your customer is retained or lost. Now you’ve gone past the visitor meeting point – you’ve gone past the first touchpoint; now you are into the second, third, fourth till infinity touchpoints. In these touchpoints, all you have to do is to maintain your quality, good standards and realism you showed your customers at the first touchpoint.

I will give you just three examples of touchpoints found in this category.

  • Your Service: How do you deliver your products. It’s not enough having quality products, how you deliver them to your customers matter a lot. A restaurant that sells good food but has bad waiters will shut down pretty quick if nothing is done. An e-commerce website that has good products but has a poor looking website will shut down sooner or later if nothing is done about it. Your waiting time should be minimized to the very least. If you’re doing an online business, your products should be delivered in packages not less than the standard of the product in it. This is also an important touchpoint.
  • Comfort / Convenience: I’m going to talk on just one aspect of this touchpoint that might surprise some of you. You know, there’s a reason why toilets are called “conveniences”; and I believe it ought to give the customer “convenience”! If you have an office and you know you your customers do a fair amount of waiting, your toilets are a very critical touchpoint. They might not visit it often but when they do, customers expect it to do exactly what it is called – give them convenience, not discomfort. Optimize your comfort touchpoints by giving your customers genuine comfort.
  • After Sales: This is also a very important touchpoint many people miss. After you’ve concluded a business transaction with a customer – be it a tangible product or not; don’t let them forget you. Thank them once or twice after the transaction. Send them a “thank you for shopping with us” email or sms but do not let them forget your service to them. If possible, this is the best time for you tell them of your promo deals and sales, giving them an incentive to come back.

I’ll stop here for this post, we all have very lucrative businesses individually and I might not have said anything as regarding the kind of business you do but my aim in this post was to create an awareness of these customer service toucpoints and how it can be used to keep your Nkem.

Think about the touchpoints of your business or businesses. Where does your business and your customer meet? Focus on these touchpoints and I guarantee you customer satisfaction.

Ya’ats Advisory Service can help you identify your customer service touchpoints and also help form strategies on how to optimize these touchpoints. Contact us via the contact us page.

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We are Ya’ats Advisory Services and we’re here to bring customer satisfaction your way.




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