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Three areas mediocrity must not be tolerated!!!

As a business should you be mediocre? Must you be just like the others? Well… I say no and these are three areas you MUST not to be mediocre:

Higher product quality, results in bigger sales

Just like you cannot take back spoken words, when your product / service goes out into the market, you can’t take it back. So your word (product), good or bad, when it hits the streets it can’t be taken back so you best ensure you deliver at least up to standard product and / or service.

On the other hand, when your product is above standard it boosts up your production sales. Customers begin to realize that your product is way better than the others and can go the extra mile for your product. Most of us are familiar with Coca-Cola (Coke) and we would rather have Coke than any other product similar to it because the quality of Coke is higher than others. That is why on a sunny day, we don’t mind walking a few extra miles just to get a chilled bottle of Coke (this is regardless of the health issues and current controversies surrounding the brand in Nigeria).

#Dear business owners, let your product’s quality set a standard over your competitors for you. It’ll speak for you. Go above the average mark.

Better service attracts the best customers

In order for your business to attract the best customers (customers that are willing to spend more than the average and are willing to remain faithful), your customer service has to be way above average.

Let’s take a car dealer for example, when making a sale, they give the option of a test drive just so the customer can EXPERIENCE their products. If you want to be more than a business, switch from product SAMPLING to product EXPERIENCING. People still go to Apple stores worldwide just for the experience; same goes to Disneyland, Samsung stores, IKEA and co.

#Dear business owners, begin to give your customers an experience of your product and it’ll give you competitive advantage.

A good relationship can last a lifetime

Go above and beyond the average mark when it comes to how you relate with your customers. How do you retain them? There are different strategies for customer retention; use the ones that fit your business context – it is cheaper and less time-consuming to keep your customers than to get new customers.

Simple ‘happy birthday‘ text messages on their birthdays and during the holidays you send them holiday greetings etc should be an industry standard. This reminds me of when I was younger, a FedEx vehicle pulled up in front of our house on my birthday, holding an envelope with my name written on it. When I opened the envelope I discovered it was FedEx wishing me a happy birthday and it came along with a FedEx pin. I wore that FedEx pin with pride the whole day. My mother was a loyal customer of theirs at that time and she had put our birthdays on a form she had filled, that is how my birthday was acknowledged.

Now I am looking back at it, it was their way of having a good relationship with their customers. This will indeed improve your relationship with your customers.

#Dear business owners, get into a relationship with your customers. Know your Nkem, Understand your Nkem’s love language and make decisions based on her love language.

In conclusion, we are living in a time where the competition is fierce. We have to be on top of our game, we should always be above average. It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation, an SME or a small business. Always strive to be the best at what you do.

Be the best and the best will come to you!

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