Business Productivity and Employee Happiness

Our work space chemistry (like employee engagement, staff relationship,, employee happiness, etc) has direct impact on our business productivity.

In order to have a productive working environment you also need to have happy workers. Research has shown that happiness leads to a 12% spike in productivity, a big 12% increase in productivity!

Well, in this post, we give three simple methods that can be integrated into your daily office / business routine to achieve happier employees and more productivity.

These three simple ways of making your employees more effective are:

Break Time breaktime

Always give your employees a 30 minutes or 45 minutes break, depending on how strenuous your line of business is, in a working day. This makes them feel more refreshed as they return to work.

Rewards EOM

Reward your employees for their productivity with awards, promotion etc. Give them a raise in their salary after a certain amount of years with your business; begin an employee of the month award to employees that did exceptionally well each month. This makes them more productive having the knowledge of a reward for outstanding performances.

Acknowledge Celebrationsbirth

Acknowledge their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Send them a card from the company congratulating them or get a cake and surprise them during working hours. Start an employee birthday club or something like that.

These are just three simple steps to make your employees happier at work. Follow them and see your employees becoming more productive and eager to work.

Read more on how to get the best out of your employees in our Employee Training Issues post. You can also find more amazing stats on the link between employee happiness and business productivity here.

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