Customer Feedback and Business Productivity

First of all, let me apologise on behalf of Ya’ats Advisory Services for the lack of posts lately; we’ve been really busy with other jobs and we do not yet have a full time blogger for us. So, you might not be seeing posts as regular as it used to be till we can find a full time blogger for you, our Nkem! Thank you for your understanding.

Now, let’s get down to the less important part of this blog post (because you, our Nkem, you are most most important).

Customer feedback and business productivity, what’s the relationship between these two subjects and how can you get the best out of it? These are the questions that’ll be answered in this blog post.

I’m sure we know a bit of what business productivity is already (our last five or more posts have been on this topic, check them out). Customer feedback, on the other hand, has not really been discussed. So…..

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is basically feedback you get from your customers (Ikr, mind blowing isn’t it?).

You know those annoying ‘Would you love to rate us’ messages that pop up when using an app? Yeah, that’s for customer feedback and yes, they can get pretty annoying; but it has to be done!

Every great relationship has some sort of annoyance level from each other, your relationship with your customer isn’t any different.

What’s feedback then?

Feedback can be seen as a mechanism for continuous improvement. It’s asking someone or a set of people basically, “What do you think about me? Or my business? Or anything?” It has to do with getting a second opinion.

Why is this crucial for my business?

I’m pretty certain that if you google this question, you’ll see a world of reasons why every business must receive feedback from their customers.

As I already mentioned, I see customer feedback as a mechanism for continuous improvement, if you see it this way too, I’m sure you’ll get to love it and practice it as much as the best organizations do.

Be lean in your decision makings – let every decision be tailored to suit you and your business!

There are various ways to achieve customer feedback. Again, this is not the purpose of this post but of course, we can not leave our Nkem hanging in the world of ignorance or lack of knowledge. So, we recommend you checkout this post on ‘Nine ways to get Customer Feedback‘ to get a good idea on different ways to achieve this and you, pick which is more suitable for you and your business. Remember, be lean in your decision makings – let every decision be tailored to suit you and your business!

Now that we have a good idea about what customer feedback is, what relationship does it have with your business productivity?

The answer is simple. It has everything to do with your business productivity

Without customer feedback, how would you know if your business is productive?

You only know your business is productive, at least from my perspective, when you are meeting your customer’s demand.

Your business productivity is measured by your customer demand. You can only know your customer’s demand by getting feedback from them.

In our next post, we’ll share 3 important uses of customer feedback and ways to achieve these feedback that can help you improve your business productivity.

Thank you for your understanding once again, we can not express enough how important you, our Nkem, are to us.

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