6 Reasons why you should exercise regularly to improve your productivity

Yes, we're still talking about business productivity and how to improve it. Your business is only as healthy and sane and productive as you are. Your business productivity can improve when your productivity improves. In this post are 6 great reasons why you must exercise regularly!



Your health is your wealth! That's why we have decided to share this wealthy information with you today with the help of our Contributing author of the day —Miss. Doris Nwoha. Miss Doris Nwoha is the CEO / Founder of Daizy's; a nutritionist, dietitian and a fitness instructor. She is based in Abuja, Nigeria and she also makes awesome smoothies (healthy ones) that can spice your life up! "Nature's supply of goodness and vitality is unending. Each food has its own special benefits and our bodies deserve the best to keep us in tip-top shape."