Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling, What’s my business with it?

As a Business owner (Start-up, SME or Large Enterprise), What’s my business with Customer Profiling? As a business owner, customer profiling should be number one on your ICT strategy. We need to understand that our customers are real human beings and not money dispensing machines; and as human beings, we each have our different and unique “love language”. Do you know your customers' "love language"?

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling; What is it? What’s my business with it?

In a world labelled “smart-world”, businesses and governments alike have come up with creative ways to make decision-making a lot easier and effective than ever before. Customer Profiling is generalizing or coming to a conclusion about a customer or group of customers based on similar product or service preferences and characteristics. What do you know about your customers?