Innovator? Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is widely spoken about. Not the same can be said about being an innovator. What do both these words mean and is there any link between both of them? If there is, how can they both be placed in the same sentence? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this post where we share our believe about the link between these two words and how they ought to become one as regards to the purpose of both words.


Identifying Your Customer Service Touchpoints

Customer service touchpoints are where your business meets your customers. Identifying these touchpoints and optimizing them will help you achieve guaranteed customer satisfaction. In this post, you can discover various touchpoints identified and how to get the best out of them. Customer service touchpoints are also very useful for government agencies and governments as a whole.

The Nigerian SME Forex Exchange Window?

SMEs can now access the forex window for importation of items and this sort of levels the playing field of business importation in Nigeria. In this post, we share a conversation with a financial expert on what it really means and how it can be accessed. Nevertheless, this does not mean things like toothpick, hair-nets and certain things that can be produced here should be imported but rather things needed to make and produce here! Let us use this window to build the nation more and not to destroy!

When should I make my first hire(s) and Who should I hire?

When should I make my first hire(s) and who to hire is a very good question and can prevent you from making a lot of mistakes when hiring if answered properly. So many businesses in Nigeria find themselves overstaffed and I believe the root cause of over-staffing your business is the same as hiring your first employee at the wrong time or the wrong reasons. Finding out when the right time is to make your first hire can be very crucial for you and this post can help you find that out.

Your Customer is Your Business; The Disastrous 9

In the first post of this series, Your Customer is Your Business, we had a good discussion on customer satisfaction and gave three qualities you need as a business owner to handle those ‘customers from hell, when, not if, you come in contact with them. We concluded that post by listing the disastrous 9 and in this post we’ll discuss the disastrous 9 and what to do to get rid of them in your businesses. We will divide the disastrous 9 into two groups: The first group will be called the intimate service group while the second group will be called the touchpoint service group. I call this first group the intimate service group because of the lack of intimacy between business and customer found in this group of disastrous 9 and the second, touchpoint service group because they all represent service touchpoints between the customer and the business. Customer satisfaction will not happen overnight I can assure you that, but taking the first step brings it a lot closer than you could ever imagine. Customer satisfaction can be achieved and we can help you achieve it!

Your Customer is your Business!

Customer satisfaction is a term so widely used, yet, a reality so elusive to most. Some try to make it a reality in their businesses; some have already mastered the art of it; while it seems like the rest of the pile don’t give a care in the world about it. Every business needs to be meek towards their customers. What happens when you come in contact with “customers from the pit of hell” as I call them? Good question! You’ll most certainly come in contact with customers like these and we've shared certain qualities you need to handle them.