From ‘Data’ to ‘Information’

In our previous post, we began discussing on customer feedback and it's importance to business productivity. We discussed about what customer feedback means and the link between it and business productivity. In this post, we share three important purposes of Customer feedback, how to get effective customer feedback hat does not end up as 'data' but goes on the be information used to improve business productivity.


Customer Feedback and Business Productivity

First of all, let me apologise on behalf of Ya'ats Advisory Services for the lack of posts lately; we've been really busy with other jobs and we do not yet have a full time blogger for us. Thank you for your understanding. This topic on Customer Feedback and Business Productivity will be spread out into two different posts. In this post, we'll be talking about Customer Feedback and its relationship with business productivity. How your customer feedback can be used to improve your business productivity is key to knowing which customer feedback you need and which mechanisms to use.

Three areas mediocrity must not be tolerated!!!

Mediocrity is sort of an unfortunate industry standard in some parts of the world, but, should it be so? In his post we share three areas where mediocrity should not be tolerated in your business if you're looking to go past product to brand name. Being up to standard should be your 'mediocre' and being above standard should be your daily target. Don't get sucked into the mediocrity surrounding you. Be the best and the best will come to you!