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Who’s your Nkem?

I find it fascinating that things such as hurricanes, storms, disasters of all sorts can be given names, even our customers from hell have a name —how much more our perfect customers. Perfect not in the sense that they are perfect in all their ways, as no such thing on earth is, but they are perfect for your business. I searched for a name for my perfect customer. A name that speaks about love and sacrifice for love, a name, when called reminds me of my intimate relationship with my customer, a name that means "MY OWN". Nkem —Nkemdirim, is that name. The name means " MY OWN WILL STAY WITH ME" or "MY OWN WILL REMAIN WITH ME" in the the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Names add values to "things". Naming your customer Nkem will add value to your customer. It'll add value to your business / customer relationship! Try it and see!

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Your Customer is your Business!

Customer satisfaction is a term so widely used, yet, a reality so elusive to most. Some try to make it a reality in their businesses; some have already mastered the art of it; while it seems like the rest of the pile don’t give a care in the world about it. Every business needs to be meek towards their customers. What happens when you come in contact with “customers from the pit of hell” as I call them? Good question! You’ll most certainly come in contact with customers like these and we've shared certain qualities you need to handle them.

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How to keep your customers; Customer Retention

Customer retention answers questions like ‘how do we get these visitors to become customers’ and ‘how do we get these customers to become Customers (no, it isn’t a typo – there are customers and there are Customers; these Customers are not yet in the loyal side of the spectrum but can be on their way there if you play your cards right)’. Until you recognize these ‘visitors’ as ‘customers’, you will still treat them as visitors, and both your business and the visitor never reaches the business – customer relationship level. From the moment they step their feet into your business premises or they make a first purchase from your business, recognize them as customers and begin retention tactics.

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How to keep your customers; Customer Loyalty

In our previous post series on Customer Profiling, we mentioned that Customer loyalty and Customer retention as benefits a company can get from profiling their customers. In this second series of posts, we’ll learn a bit more about what Customer loyalty and Customer retention is; and also some practical ways to achieve them. Loyalty speaks more of a long-term – making your customer a lifetime customer – relationship between your business and her customer. Customer loyalty is having a legacy of customers.

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling; What is it? What’s my business with it?

In a world labelled “smart-world”, businesses and governments alike have come up with creative ways to make decision-making a lot easier and effective than ever before. Customer Profiling is generalizing or coming to a conclusion about a customer or group of customers based on similar product or service preferences and characteristics. What do you know about your customers?